Perfect Days (PG)

21st June 2024 7:00pm (Doors open at 6:00 pm)

Kirkgate Centre

Category: Film

Perfect Days provides the perfect escape from life in the fast lane.

The highly anticipated return to fiction feature filmmaking from Wim Wenders (Paris, Texas, Wings of Desire), PERFECT DAYS takes the seasoned writer-director to Tokyo to tell a story celebrating the hidden joys and minutiae of Japanese culture.

In a deeply moving performance that won the Best Actor award at Cannes 2023, Koji Yakusho (Babel, 13 Assassins) stars as Hirayama, a contemplative middle-aged man who lives a life of modesty and serenity, spending his days balancing his job as a dutiful caretaker of Tokyo’s numerous public toilets with his passion for music, literature and photography. As we join him on his structured daily routine, a series of unexpected encounters gradually begin to reveal a hidden past that lies behind his otherwise content and harmonious life.

Channeling Wenders’ affection for the work of Yasujiro Ozu, and combining a refreshingly unstereotypical depiction of the Japanese capital – particularly the experience of typically unappreciated service work – with a soundtrack of iconic hits from the 60s and 80s, this is a subtle, shimmering and ultimately life- affirming marvel that champions the meditative beauty of the everyday world around us.

"This should be the most soul-crushingly bleak film ever made – a Groundhog Day grind with added despair. But Wim Wenders’s zen meditation on beauty, fulfilment and simplicity is quite the opposite: it’s an achingly lovely and unexpectedly life-affirming picture." -Wendy Ide (Guardian)

Starring:Koji Yakusho,Tokio Emoto,Arisa Nakano,Aoi Yamada

Director: Wim Wenders

125 mins