The Mystery of the Blue Moon Saloon – Ragged Edge @ Ewanrigg & Netherton Community Centre

17th November 2022 7:00pm (Doors open at 6:30 pm)

Ewanrigg and Netherton Community Centre

Category: Arts Out West

A comic radio play presented live on stage with the assistance of the audience. An American Wild West town 1870.

A travelling English Theatre company are performing Scenes from Shakespeare when lone gunslinger The Wanderer comes up against the Garlic Gang. When the gunsmoke clears Mrs Speakwell lies dead. But who killed the English actress? The investigation unfolds in…The Mystery of the Blue Moon Saloon.

Our radio drama production will be broadcast live* from your venue. But before that, we need your help. Some of the sound files and effects are missing and we need the audience to perform them for us – there’s a part for everyone! *not really