Accessibility Statement

Kirkgate welcomes everyone regardless of what special requirements they might have. We understand that everyone is different, and we have done, and will continue to do, what we can to provide an inclusive and accessible environment for all.

The Kirkgate team is dedicated to making your experience a good one, and appreciate that most people with disabilities are not obviously disabled. We work hard to consider all our guests and naturally, that includes those who might be visually, hearing or mobility impaired. We are happy to accommodate your special requirements.

In order to help, plan and judge whether our facilities are appropriate for all your needs, we have followed a guest’s journey through the Kirkgate from the street, entrance, lift, stairs, and to the bar.

We will strive to deliver the service that people demand and deserve, and to create a culture and environment that eliminates unfair discrimination and which actively promotes the unique contribution of different individuals.

We support the principles of the Equality Act (2010) and are committed to recognising and responding to the needs of all disabled people. It is our intention, wherever possible, that Kirkgate is accessible whatever the nature of disability.

Restricted Mobility

We offer restricted-mobility access and wheelchair-friendly facilities around the Kirkgate.  There is a ramp to access the centre, a lift to reach the auditorium and an accessible toilet. When you book your ticket, please email us using the email on the website to describe your special requirements (or call and leave a message with the box office on 01900 826448) and we will ensure that the most appropriate seat is reserved for you. To ensure that people who need assistance to attend events are not prevented from attending we offer free carers tickets. For further information please contact


At our Wednesday matinees all films are screened with subtitles.