Andy Semple

Andy is a regular performer at Cockermouth’s summer festival Cockermouth Live! and, while focusing on music, he has a life-long interest and passion for all the performing arts. Originally from across the border in Dumfries and Galloway, Cockermouth has been his home for 32 years.

Andy has over 25 years’ experience in management at a senior level and at one time was responsible for over 300 staff when he was Jobcentre Area Manager for all of Cumbria’s 14 Jobcentres. For 5 years before retiring, he worked in the private sector for construction company Mace, as Senior Sustainability Manager.

While recruiting or promoting hundreds of people during his working life, Andy found that whenever a candidate was nervous, it helped to get them talking about their personal interests. Invariably, it turned out they were in the school choir, played an instrument, liked books, went to plays. That brought out the real person with individual qualities.

Andy wants to play a part in supporting and developing Kirkgate Arts and Heritage because he believes that culture makes the person, and the person makes the town.