Cockermouth was essentially an industrial town 100 years and more ago, thanks to its abundance of waterpower. The woollen industry, tanning, hat manufacture, weaving, milling of all kinds, brewing, linen and cotton thread manufacture were some of the important industries.

The Heritage Group holds a large collection of artefacts relating to many aspects of life in Cockermouth in years gone by, including its industrial past. Other artefacts include domestic items used within the home, clothing and accessories. Additionally, Cockermothians liked to make good use of their leisure time and we have artefacts reflecting those activities.

Our large photographic and ephemera collection reflects all aspects of Cockermouth’s life, and we are grateful to those who have donated or allowed us to copy their photographs.

We are currently undertaking a major cataloguing project of all our artefacts and photographs using a cataloguing programme called MODES which when completed will make locating items for exhibitions or research much easier and quicker.

PDFs of the resources available can be found by clicking these links


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We also have several old trade directories, IGI for Cumberland, 1858 Post Office Directory, many old maps and various publications that we can consult for local history enquiries.  We also hold a copy of Henry Wakes’ ‘Monumental Inscriptions in graveyards of Brigham and Bridekirk (inscriptions 1666-1876)
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Other Information Sources

Please note that the Whitehaven and Carlisle Record Offices hold records invaluable for family and local history research. Additionally, Workington Library holds a large collection of the West Cumberland Times dating from the 19th century on microfilm.

Allerdale Borough Council Bereavements Service holds a Burials Register:

Lorton & Derwent Fells Local History Society for queries re Lorton area:

You can access Dean Marriage and Burial Records below:

Dean Parish Register of Births 1917 - 1973

Dean Parish Register of Marriages 1918 - 1947

Cumbria Family History Society:

Whitehaven Record Office: