Claude Bourbon

7th September 2024 8:00pm (Doors open at 7:00 pm)

Kirkgate Centre

Category: Music

Ready for a unique and talented take on a wide range of musical traditions? Claude Bourbon is known throughout Europe and America for amazing guitar performances that take blues, Spanish, and Middle Eastern stylings into uncharted territories.

“Claude Bourbon has French and Swiss roots. His instruments are guitar and voice. His music is rooted in multiple traditions – blues, jazz, folk, Mediterranean, and for good measure classical. (Can we say BACH!)

Mr. Bourbon’s guitar fingering and arrangements are varied and eloquent. Claude has the gift of brilliant sequencing, and the result is a hypnotic voyage along a river of songs and instrumentals. He wisely began with a two separate songs to establish his connection with us. What followed was a series of pieces strung together like a cleverly woven magic carpet. I felt like I was floating along, all thought swept aside. I was flowing with him from sad to sweet to ironic and on to another dimension. Some songs are in English, some in French, and within each there is rhythmic dance among the words. He plays with consonant sounds, and his tone is sometimes like that of a lover whispering in your ear. Other times, that tone goes deep and strong to relay important history or solidarity with those who have had similar experiences. Instrumentals provide continued rhythmic and melodic steps on the journey. Each strum or pluck is explicit, yet free flowing.

Claude Bourbon aptly describes himself as a musical artist. He uses a vast array of music tools to paint a landscape we have all visited either in person or in our dreams.” Mary Pat Cooney – FolkWorks

“ Claude Bourbon is a unique figure today… his playing is almost indescribable“ – The Hook, Charlottesville, USA

“A breathtaking acoustic fusion of blues, jazz, classical and Spanish guitar from a stunning guitar virtuoso…”Altadena News, USA”

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